Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh the Holidays

As with most people the time around the holidays is busy with making great memories and sharing old ones.  I continued to look around to get a new piece to help try to turn this investment around!
I had been watching a listing of some old glass insulators on craigslist.  They were used on telegraph poles throughout the US and Europe. It was for a large grouping of them various styles and qualities.  I started doing some research and found that some of these can be quite collectible and valuable.  The average selling price of these on ebay were around 8-10 dollars.  The listing was for almost 200 hundred of them, at $50. Thats a $.25 a piece!  Seemed like a steal, even if there were a bit of a drive.

I made an appointment to take a look at them, but unfortunately holiday things came up, didn't have the time, and had to cancel the appointment.

Without a large selection of pieces to browse around the holidays, I will have to sit tight for the right deal!!

1 comment:

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